Yellowjackets’ Ella Purnell to star in the Fallout TV show

Ella Purnell

Ella Purnell
Photo: Tristan Fewings (Getty Images)

Amazon’s Fallout TV series continues to be ever more of a thing, despite our continued general disbelief that Fallout—One of the greatest, least TV-friendly video game series of all time — is being turned into a TV show. Today, Deadline reports that Ella Purnell, who lately made waves as an performer in Yellowjackets and animated series Arcaneis joining the show’s cast.

Who is Purnell playing? We have no goddamn idea, since Amazon is keeping extremely tight-lipped about this particular show, which is being produced by Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan. All we’ve got to go on is that her character might be named “J.ean, ”and bea young woman with a can-do attitude who may be hiding a dangerous secret.”Also: That she could be the protagonist of the show.

Purnell joins a cast that so far has exactly one other name on it: Walton Goggins, whose role is also a big ol ‘radioactive question mark at the moment. Purnell comes to the series after a breakout performance in the first season of Yellowjacketsin which her soccer team captain character Jackie had the sort of bad time (after the show’s central plane crash) that meant that nobody needed to bother casting an actor to play her adult self. She also co-starred in last year’s Army Of The Deadand played one of the central voice roles in Netflix animated series Arcane.

As to what’ll happen in the Fallout show itself, we honestly have no idea: The game series takes place a few hundred years in the future, after nuclear bombs blast a huge swathe of the planet straight into Mad Max land. There are a few obvious stories hooks that Nolan and his team — including showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner — might possibly pursue, thoughincluding the sinister Vault-Tec (a pre-War company that turned bomb shelters into evil psychological research projects), the Enclave (xenophobic remnants of the US government who view all other survivors as “mutants”), or the Brotherhood Of Steel (technology-hoarding semi-fascists who sometimes end up as the series ‘good guys” by grim default). But there’s been a lot of Fallout over the years, so trying to pick out the proper entry point the show will go with feels like a fool’s errand.

We’ll know more, presumably, when Fallout begins production some time later this year.


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