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Is it illegal to lie in political ads? No.

Political ads are protected by the First Amendment, no matter how much misinformation, lies and distortions the ad may contain.

Additionally, broadcast stations like ABC, NBC, CBS cannot fact-check or alter the content of any person who is running for a federal office.

Given politicians can lie about anything and not be held accountable, it is up to you the voter to diligently search for the truth within every political advertisement.

Remember, the politician is under no legal obligation to tell you the truth.

If a candidate is willing to lie to be elected, how can you trust them to honestly represent you?

While local politicians may represent your local interests, they also have a large part in making far reaching decisions a national level that effects everyone.

With the 2020 “Big Election Lie” being front and center since the election, did your candidate choice participate in any way to further the belief the election was stolen?

Did they support the vote against the certification of the 2020 presidential election results?

Do they continue to support those who continue to push the “Big Lie” theory and support legislation that changes election laws that are based on the “Big Lie” to make it more difficult to vote or register to vote?

Has or will your candidate take credit for programs that benefit you but did not vote for the passage and funding for the programs?

Search for the truth.

Gary L. Schetrompf


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