Why That’s So 90’s Season Is The Funniest

Worst Cooks In America, Celebrity Edition is always entertaining, but the That’s So 90’s cast is the funniest ever, creating many hilarious moments.

This Worst Cooks In America, Celebrity Edition season travels back in time with a That’s So 90’s theme, and it is the funniest season yet. Led by celebrity chef mentors Anne Burrell and Jeff Mauro, the show’s two celebrity teams are serving up tons of zany fun as they navigate through culinary boot camp. The That’s So 90’s celebrity recruits are Lori Beth Denberg, Elisa Donovan, Tracey Gold, Jennie Kwan, Matthew Lawrence, Jodie Sweetin, Nicholle Tom, Curtis Williams, and Mark Long.

Worst Cooks In America, Celebrity Edition recruits have been split into two teams: Anne’s Rockin ‘Red Stars squad features Elisa, Mark, Tracey, and the eliminated Nicholle. Jeff’s Blue Team includes Jennie, Jodie, Lori Beth, Matthew, and the eliminated Curtis. So far, Mark and Jennie have proven to be standouts, winning two competitions each. Matthew and Elisa are close behind with one win each. However, all of the stars need a lot of help in the kitchen, which results in pandemonium during every episode.


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Worst Cooks In America, Celebrity Edition has already been chock full of hilarious moments, as the contestants have little to no talent for cooking. Because the cast consists of actors and television personalities, the recruits are used to create comedic moments on the big and small screens. Their commentaries in their confessionals definitely make viewers chuckle. However, the unscripted moments in the Worst Cooks kitchen are the funniest, as the celebrities make errors that viewers laugh at (all in good fun, of course). From Tracey accidentally calling shrimp fritters “shrimp frittatas,” puzzling the judges until they realized what she meant, to Nicholle shrieking with fear any time that she turned on the stove, the show delivers on the silliness.

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Lori Beth’s sarcasm and jokes about possibly poisoning everybody with salmonella showed her ability to make fun of herself. Fans delighted in hearing Jodie utter her Full House catchphrase, “How rude,” when something went wrong. It was also very amusing to see her get so upset about spilling her waffle batter twice, after she had battled harsh conditions in a jungle in Panama on Beyond The Edge.

The Worst Cooks In America, Celebrity Edition mentors also cook up funny moments with their reactions to the recruits. First-time mentor Jeff was very shocked by the recruits’ lack of culinary skills and knowledge. His puns and wisecracks in his confessional are very witty. Jeff and Anne’s reactions to tasting some of the recruits’ less than stellar food is always a hoot. The recruits’ reactions to Anne chasing them with a red marker to color their pointer fingers red when they hold their knives incorrectly is like watching little kids get in trouble at school. It is also comical to see Mark, the tough star of The Challenge, get so excited whenever he wins a cooking competition that he lifts Anne off of her feet in a big bear hug. Anne isn’t known for being warm and fuzzy, so the hugs are especially hilarious. One of the funniest Worst Cooks moments was when Elisa attempted to copy Mark’s hug and accidentally pulled Anne down to the floor with her.

Although they are not always successful at cooking, the That’s So 90’s celebrity recruits on Worst Cooks In America, Celebrity Edition have been serving up lots of laughs on the funniest season yet. They are trying their hardest to earn the $ 25,000 grand prize for their charities. One of the most satisfying aspects of the show is watching the contestants change from being frantic to having finesse as cooks. Until then, they will continue to entertain the audience with their (sometimes unintended) comedy in the kitchen.

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Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition: That’s So ’90s airs Sundays at 9 pm EDT on Food Network.

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