Why Renée’s Europa Mission Changes The Future

Renée Picard’s Europa Mission is pivotal to the future, which is binary because it could also hinge on Dr. Adam Soong in Star Trek: Picard season 2.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard Season 2, Episode 8 – “Mercy”

Star Trek’s future depends on Renée Picard (Penelope Mitchell) ‘s Europa Mission and Star Trek: Picard season 2, episode 8 finally revealed how and why. Renée, Jean-Luc Picard’s (Patrick Stewart) ancestor, is a pivotal figure in 21st-century space exploration and the Europa Mission is crucial to history. As such, Renée has been targeted by Q (John de Lancie) because eliminating her from the timeline guarantees the dark future where the Earth is ruled by the Confederation transpires. However, Dr. Adam Soong (Brent Spiner) also factors into what course the timeline takes.


When the timeline was changed at the start of Star Trek: Picard season 2, the United Federation of Planets and the optimistic future led by Starfleet ceases to exist when Q changes reality. Instead, the Confederation rose as a xenophobic and authoritarian regime led by President Annika Hansen (Jeri Ryan), with General Jean-Luc Picard as its greatest ‘hero’ who enabled the extermination of the Cardassians, Ferengi, and even the Borg. However, the entire Confederation reality, which Q also claims is intrinsically linked to the choices Jean-Luc made in his life to remain alone and eschew romance, hinges on one pivotal person in the 21st century: Renée Picard. Renée even has her own Watcher, Tallinn (Orla Brady), a Romulan Supervisor who is assigned to Earth to protect the young Picard from afar. Meanwhile, Dr. Adam Soong is one of the 21st century’s leading geneticists whose work was outlawed due to his use of eugenics to breed cloned daughters. But all of Soong’s creations carried a fatal genetic disease, including Kore (Isa Briones), the only survivor of Adam’s daughters.

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In Star Trek: Picard season 2, the future’s path is binary and wholly dependent on Renée Picard’s Europa Mission. As the Borg Queen (Alison Pill) explained to Adam Soong when they forged their unholy alliance, Renée Picard is destined to discover a potentially sentient microorganism on Jupiter’s moon Io and brings it back to Earth. Renée’s discovery somehow renders Adam’s work obsolete. If Renée’s mission succeeds as it’s meant to, Star Trek history as its known will occur, which will result in First Contact with the Vulcans in 2063, leading to the institution of Starfleet and the founding of the United Federation of Planets in the 22nd century. However, if Renée is stopped or taken out of the timeline, Earth ends up in an ecological disaster and turns to Adam Soong, whose technology saves the planet but gives rise to the Confederation. Soong becomes “the father of the future” and is revered by the Confederation into the 25th century.

Borg Queen Soong Picard

Adam Soong and the Borg Queen’s plan to stop Renée Picard requires La Sirena, the starship Jean-Luc and his motley crew used to travel time to 2024 Los Angeles. Thanks to Soong’s defense contracts, he was able to require several soldiers from Operation: Spearhead. The Borg Queen then assimilated them into Borg Drones, giving her an army to take La Sirena. From there, the Borg Queen likely intends to shoot down Renée Picard’s starship when the Europa Mission launches, guaranteeing the Confederation’s future happens.

Strangely, the Borg Queen doesn’t seem interested in stopping the Confederation from rising, to begin with. After all, General Picard’s Confederation did what Starfleet and the Federation couldn’t: wipe out the entire Borg Collective. One would think the Borg Queen’s best revenge would be ensuring the Confederation never comes to be and the Prime Star Trek timeline, where the Borg has the advantage over the Federation, occurs as it’s meant to. Instead, the Borg Queen seems to be more interested in escaping Earth aboard La Sirena and restarting the Borg Collective. Perhaps when the Borg are back to full power – and potentially evolved into Borg synthetics thanks to Dr. Agnes Jurati – the Queen’s plan is to return to wipe out the Confederation. Still, saving Renée Picard and the Europa Mission would appear to be a smarter bet than letting Dr. Adam Soong enable the Confederation in Star Trek: Picard season 2, but the Borg Queen has other ideas.

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