The Best New Shows Streaming Right Now

From new dramadies to the return of a favorite dark comedy, these are the best new TV shows to stream right now.

The Flight Attendant: Season 2 (HBO Max)

New episodes stream Thursdays

This HBO Max dark comedy, thriller series, returns for a second season with a similar premise in a fresh relocation from New York to Los Angeles. If you need some catching up on the first season, Kaley Cuoco plays Cassie, a flight attendant with an alcohol problem who wakes up one morning next to a dead man. After cleaning up the crime scene, she heads back to New York where she is then questioned by the FBI about the murder. She then must find the true killer herself to clear her name.

This season, recently sober Cassie is still a flight attendant but lives in Los Angeles where she seemsingly has gotten her life together. She has a new boyfriend, but she hasn’t told him (or anyone) yet that she is a CIA asset. As the season kicks off, Cassie suddenly finds herself entangled in yet another murder.

The first two episodes are now streaming on HBO Max.

“Julia” stars Sarah Lancashire as the famous tv chef, Julia Child. (Courtesy)

Julia (HBO Max)

New episodes stream Thursdays

A new biographical drama about Julia Child, this series offers a charming and realistic deep dive into the life of the television chef sensation. Starring Sarah Lancashire as Child, the series begins with the 1961 release of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, the book the cook co-wrote alongside two French cooking writers that introduced the elevated art of French cooking to the average American housewife.

With Julia portrayed wonderfully by Lancashire, the show explores Child’s rising stardom and her internal struggles with fame. David Hyde Pierce plays Paul Child (husband of Julia), helping create a dynamic that’s as sweet as the relationship portrayed in Julia & Julia by Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci. However, this series digs a little bit deeper into their struggles.

The first six episodes are now streaming on HBO Max.

New TV Shows
Hulu’s “Life and Beth” stars Amy Schumer and Michael Cera.

Life & Beth (Hulu)

All episodes now streaming

Starring comedian Amy Schumer, this new dramedy follows Beth, a successful, 39-year-old wine sales rep involved in a longterm relationship with her co-worker. But when her mother dies unexpectedly, she travels back home and re-evaluates her life. Beth then meets John (played by Michael Cera), a farmer at a local winery who she develops a friendship with. With flashbacks, Schumer explores her real-life struggle with trichotillomania (a disordered compulsion to pull out your hair), as the younger Beth struggles to deal with her parent’s separation. This new Hulu show is hilarious, but also emotional and vulnerable as Schumer mines her own past traumas for storytelling.

All 10 half-hour episodes are now available to stream on Hulu.

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