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Edge computing is a new approach that looks at where and how data is accessible and exploited to improve organizational performance, cost, and efficiency. In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the adoption of edge computing. Companies must store an inflow of data in consolidated and cloud storage solutions as IoT applications … Read more

Open-Source Constellation K8 Engine Aims to Bring Confidential Computing to Kubernetes

Constellation is a Kubernetes engine that shields Kubernetes clusters from the rest of the cloud infrastructure using confidential computing and confidential VMs. This creates a confidential context that ensures data is always encrypted, both at rest and in memory. Constellation is the first always-encrypted Kubernetes (K8s). This means, a K8s where all your workloads and … Read more

Corporate TIPS: Emerging Cyber-Threats And Business Risks From Quantum Computing – Security

If there is one thing truly connecting our world, it is technology. Individuals, organizations, agencies and governments around the globe use technology for several reasons including communication, conducting business, completing day-to-day tasks, and protecting people and assets. However, our reliance on technology raises concerns when you consider the security risks associated with emerging technologies such … Read more

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