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Quantum computing is a fresh but growing concept that is distant from full usage. According to the worldwide Quantum Computing Market, the market was worth USD 392.5 million in 2020 and will grow at a CAGR of 30.8% between 2021 and 2028, rising from USD 486.1 million to USD 3,180.9 million. Companies who wish to … Read more

What is Quantum Computing? | Data Center Knowledge

Data center cybersecurity managers have been getting warnings for years that quantum computing was on its way and it would break all existing encryption. With quantum computing now on the verge of becoming real and early versions of these next-generation computers already available to the public and to governments, the time to take action is … Read more

Quantum Computing Now And In The Future: Explanation, Applications, And Problems

A new generation of computer technology is on the horizon, which many think will eventually increase the computing power available to humanity by factors of thousands or possibly even millions. If this happens, it could vastly increase the speed at which we can carry out many vital tasks, such as discovering and testing new drugs … Read more

India’s ‘Quantum Leap’ in Computing Soon, Work in Advanced Stage: PSA Sood to News18

Two years after it was initially announced, the Center is now gearing up to launch the long-awaited Rs 8,000 crore Quantum Mission to expand its capabilities in the fast-growing world of quantum computers, said Professor Ajay Kumar Sood, principal scientific adviser to the government. “Whether it is telecommunications, electronics, space, or defense, every department needs … Read more

D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) Offers Practical Quantum

NEW YORK, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via InvestorWire — D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) today announces its placement in an editorial published by NetworkNewsWire (“NNW”), one of 50+ trusted brands within the InvestorBrandNetwork (“IBN”), a multifaceted financial news and publishing company for private and public entities. To view the full publication, “Investing in … Read more

Software updates for quantum computing create security flaws

Hello and welcome to Protocol Enterprise! Today: why the race to protect software against encryption-breaking quantum computing could backfire, more on the Biden administration’s plan to hobble China’s chipmakers and enterprise tech moves. Now, the hard part We may be just years away from a very sci-fi scenario turning into reality, with the arrival of … Read more

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