Democrats are losing ground with the fastest-growing political bloc: Asian Americans

CNN – A lot of attention has been paid to the problems President Joe Biden and other Democrats have with core party constituencies, including young and Hispanic voters. And there’s been plenty of polling to back that up. Far less attention, though, has been paid to potential declines in Democrats’ standing among groups for which … Read more

Rusty Bowers: Arizona House speaker, who resisted Trump pressure campaign, testifying at January 6 hearing Tuesday

CNN – Rusty Bowers, a Republican and Arizona state House speaker, will testify at a Tuesday hearing focusing on former President Donald Trump’s pressure on state officials to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, a source familiar with the matter told CNN earlier Saturday. Bowers will join Georgia’s election officials – Brad Raffensperger and Gabe … Read more

Biden’s optimism collides with mounting political challenges

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrats are going to hold onto the House after November’s midterm elections. They will pick up as many as four seats in the Senate, expanding their majority and overcoming internal dissent that has helped stifle their agenda. As the challenges confronting President Joe Biden intensify, his predictions of a rosy political future … Read more

Summit of the Americas: Biden to address regional leaders, envoys | Politics News

President Joe Biden is set to kick off the leader-level portion of the United States-hosted Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California, as Washington seeks to reassert leadership in the region through a raft of initiatives aimed at boosting economies, addressing migration , and tackling public health crises. The event, which has waned in … Read more

2022 midterms: What to watch in primaries in 7 states

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Primary elections in seven states Tuesday will set the stage for US House and Senate races this fall, with many contests shaped by political fissures in both major parties and the lingering shadow of former President Donald Trump. With the control of Congress in play, a string of Republican House incumbents … Read more

Biden scrambles to avoid Americas Summit flop in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (AP) – When leaders gather this week in Los Angeles at the Summit of the Americas, the focus is likely to veer from common policy changes – migration, climate change and galloping inflation – and instead shift to something Hollywood thrives on: the drama of the red carpet. With Mexican President Andrés Manuel … Read more

House panel swiftly takes up gun bill after mass shootings

WASHINGTON (AP) – The House is swiftly working to put its stamp on gun legislation in response to mass shootings in Texas and New York by 18-year-old assailants who used semi-automatic rifles to kill 31 people, including 19 children. Debate on legislation came as the White House announced that President Joe Biden would give a … Read more

Biden plots inflation fight with Fed chair as nation worries

WASHINGTON (AP) – Focused on relentlessly rising pricesPresident Joe Biden plotted inflation-fighting strategy Tuesday with the chairman of the Federal Reserve, with the fate of the economy and his own political prospects increasingly dependent on the actions of the central central bank. Biden hoped to demonstrate to voters that he was attuned to their worries … Read more

Analysis: Yellen’s words on inflation won’t end the price hikes weighing on Biden

CNN – It’s rare for anyone in Washington to admit they were wrong. So Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s admission in an exclusive interview Tuesday on CNN that she was incorrect to believe last year that inflation was not a long-term threat was quite a moment. The administration could have gotten credit for candor and an … Read more

Ukraine war has pushed Japanese away from war-renouncing stance, political analyst says

The public mood in Japan is changing from being strongly pacifist to becoming more open to arming its military after the ongoing war in Ukraine, where Ukrainian tanks are here seen shortly before an attack in the Lugansk region in February. Anatolii Stepanov | AFP | Getty Images The public mood in Japan is changing, … Read more

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