As Russia presses the attack, Ukraine given a possible path to the EU

LYSYCHANSK, Ukraine (AP) – The European Union’s executive arm recommended putting Ukraine on a path to membership Friday, a symbolic boost for a country fending off a Russian onslaught that is taking civilian lives, flattening cities and threatening its very survival. The possibility of membership in a union created to safeguard peace on the continent … Read more

Vandals attack Yugoslav Partisans’ Necropolis in Bosnia | Politics News

All 700 engraved stone memorial markers in Mostar’s Partisan Memorial Cemetery were destroyed by vandals, Bosnian media reports. The Yugoslav Partisans’ Necropolis in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, commemorating anti-fascist fighters who died in World War II, has been attacked by vandals. On Wednesday, Bosnian media reported that all 700 engraved stone memorial markers of the … Read more

Germany to redeploy troops to Bosnia over ‘stability’ concerns | Politics News

Foreign office says, ‘we together with our European and NATO partners will not allow a security vacuum in our immediate neighborhood’. The German government has paved the way to deploy troops with the European Union’s peacekeeping mission in Bosnia for the first time in a decade as concerns mount about instability from the Ukrainian war … Read more

Surging inflation clears way for the biggest Fed hike in years

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Federal Reserve is expected Wednesday afternoon to announce its largest interest rate hike since 1994 – a bigger increase than it had previously signaled and a sign that the central bank is struggling to restrain stubbornly high inflation. The central bank is considered likely to raise its benchmark short-term rate by … Read more

Algeria suspends trade ties with Spain over Western Sahara row | Politics News

Algeria has suspended foreign trade in products and services with Spain amid an escalating dispute over the status of Western Sahara. Thursday’s announcement came a day after the North African nation suspended a 20-year-old friendship treaty with Spain that committed the two sides to cooperation in controlling migration flows. Algeria has also banned imports from … Read more

Stop militarizing Aegean islands, Turkey’s Erdogan tells Greece | Politics News

Ankara warns Athens should avoid ‘acts and statements that will result in regret’ as Turkey kicks off military drills. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded Greece stop arming the Aegean Sea islands that have non-military status and abide by international agreements in remarks that could inflame long-standing disagreements between the two countries. “I warn … Read more

Savannah Says Portugal Lithium Mine Delayed by ‘Political Process’ | World News

LISBON (Reuters) – Savannah Resources said on Wednesday it had little control over what it described as the political process which is delaying its extraction plans for what could become western Europe’s largest lithium mine in northern Portugal. Portugal is already Europe’s biggest lithium producer, but its miners sell almost exclusively to the ceramics industry … Read more

Kazakh Leader Seeks Political Capital in Constitutional Reform Vote | World News

ALMATY (Reuters) – Kazakhstan votes on a constitutional reform on Sunday promoted by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev as a step towards liberalizing the tightly-run oil-rich nation, although it would still leave key powers in his hands. The reform is likely to give the 69-year-old Tokayev the political capital he needs to run for a second term … Read more

Rock band Queen, Paddington Bear kick off Jubilee concert

LONDON – Queen Elizabeth II may have to miss a star-studded London concert in her honor Saturday, but she brought the house down when she appeared in a surprise video recorded with another British national treasure: Paddington Bear. The 96-year-old monarch said she shared Paddington’s love of marmalade sandwiches in a surprise video that was … Read more

The US military may need innovation overhaul to fight future wars, Milley says

LONDON – The US military may need to reorganize to fight future wars, which will be profoundly changed by artificial intelligence, robotics and other advanced technologies, according to Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The nation’s top military officer said during a trip to Europe this week that he’s working … Read more

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