Photographer Robert Rosen snaps celebrities in unguarded moments – often with their permission

Over the course of his four-decades long career, Robert Rosen had countless, fleeting, late-night encounters with iconic household names. Often, it would be at a party or nightclub and usually he would be holding a glass of champagne and a pocket camera. The social and fashion photographer snapped the likes of Grace Jones, Nina Simone … Read more

Milton Keynes businessman overcomes life-threatening battle with meningitis to bring coding to over 150 local children – MKFM 106.3FM

On a family holiday to the US in 2015, local businessman Girish Betadpur suddenly fell ill – but this was no common holiday bug. In fact, Girish had contracted the life-threatening infection meningitis. Due to the brain injury caused by the infection, Girish spent a year in hospitals in America and across the UK, including … Read more

Celebrities who won and lost in 2022 elections

Several celebrities took their chance and ran for national and local positions in the 2022 elections. Some tri-umphed, others lost. Ejay Falcon Angelu De Leon Alfred Vargas Jason Abalos Yul Servo Senator-elect Robin Padilla leads the list of winning celebrities in the 2022 elections. Jomari Yllana Arjo Atayde PHOTOS FROM CELEBRITIES ‘FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS … Read more

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Use Stage Names

What’s in a name? For everyone, it’s a way to identify oneself as a unique person of their own. For celebrities, whose names are known across the world, a name is everything. RELATED: 12 Celebrities Who Went To School Together Some stars have opted to use another alias in lieu of their birth name for … Read more

This Mumbai-based startup is helping fans connect with celebrities

From when we were little, our favorite celebrities have always occupied a tiny part of our lives. From something as innocent as pasting posters in the bedroom, or copying hairstyles, some fans take their fandom to the extreme by even building temples in their names – all in the hope that someday they will meet … Read more

6 Strangest Rules Celebrity Parents Make Their Kids Follow

Parenting is hard enough for ordinary people, however, more so for a celebrity. Being a celebrity means constantly being in the public eye which is not the best for celebrity parents. Celebrity parents have to handle the fame and the hardships of parenting at the same time. While they might struggle with it, celebrities still … Read more

I’m A Celebrity All Stars: The full rumored line up including Gillian McKeith and …

12 May 2022, 11:28 | Updated: 12 May 2022, 11:31 Here’s all the celebrities who are rumored to be starring in the new I’m A Celebrity All Stars. It’s not even summer yet, but we’re already desperate to see I’m A Celebrity back in the Australian jungle later this year. And it turns there’s even … Read more

6 Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out Against Homophobia

As celebrities are always in the public eye, they have to be careful of how they act. Celebs can quite easily become a part of a scandal or get in trouble. Given their power, they also have the chance to do something good or become a good influence on people. Many celebs have spoken out … Read more

12 Celebrities Who Went To School Together

Celebrities, when you take out the glitz, the glam, the glitter, and the fame and fortune, are just regular people living their regular lives making a living off of one of the many professions that provide stardom. Most of them grew up in the same ways we did, learned the same things, and met people … Read more

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