Microsoft, Google, IBM pitch banks on confidential computing

Three cloud computing providers, Microsoft, Google and IBM, are all pitching the concept of confidential computing to banks. Today in cloud computing deployments, data is protected at rest (sitting in a database) and in transit (being sent from one system to another), but not while it’s being used by a software application such as a … Read more

Ally tests use of quantum computing to build investment portfolios

Ally Financial has partnered with quantum computing researchers to develop a new algorithm to enhance financial index tracking using quantum computing. The digital financial services company worked with Multiverse Computing, a quantum computing solutions firm, and global consulting firm Protiviti to develop a method that optimizes investment portfolios automatically with returns that match traditional portfolios … Read more

How JPMorgan Chase and other banks plan to use quantum computing

Although quantum computing technology is still new, JPMorgan Chase, Ally Bank, Credit Agricole and other banks are actively testing and in some cases using it, according to speakers at the HPC + AI on Wall Street conference in New York this week. “We realize that if a company doesn’t do anything about the market right … Read more

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