Striving To Save The Customer’s Time And Money

Flipshope, an innovative Startup, is reshaping online shopping experience with the help of artificial intelligence and help maximize savings for buyers. Flipshope’s AI-powered tools bring the best available coupons and vouchers at one place for the customers. Flipshope`s ‘Auto Apply Coupon’ and ‘Price Tracker’ features offer customers with products at great discounts at a single platform. without facing any trouble.

What triggered you to launch Flipshope?
Around 2013-14, at a time when not many mobile brands were available in the market, I was keen on a particular mobile brand, but it was getting sold out instantly. I wrote a code that would alert me and ensure that I could successfully buy the mobile. It worked. I decided to put up the code on a website for the benefit of my friends, which is how Flipshope was born.

Can you explain the Flipshope Discount Coupons and how it works for the customers?
The “Auto Apply Coupon” Feature is powered by AI. You just shop normally add all the products in cart and there you get a pop-up asking you to find savings just click on the button. The best available coupon code gets applied automatically saving user’s time and money. The ‘Auto Apply Coupon’ feature supports more than 500 e-commerce stores. Currently, the Flipshope users spend over Rs 500 million a month reaping the benefits.
Another standout feature is ‘Price Tracker Feature’. Tracking 45 days’ price history of more than 100 million products the ‘Price Drop Alert’ notifies the users giving the customers the best deal possible.

Our mantra is to make the work of customers effortless, saving their time and money.

What are the challenges of a Startup?
I was passionate about coding but had no idea how to do it until 2013. Further, when I was at IIT Kharagpur, I got a good exposure outside the campus on some projects to do coding with Javascript. I found it very interesting. I worked on it and developed the coding to help buy on e-commerce platforms. I used to do coding for 12-13 hours every day, usually after my college classes and would do it till 2-3 AM. The response I received from the market research on those who used it was encouraging, so I decided to scale it.

A startup journey is full of new things. I came to know that another person was doing similar work a few months ago. He was a senior, and that was a challenge. He was ahead of us. Many more challenges came up. For example, most users in India are not aware of Chrome extensions. We had to ensure that people were educated about it and comfortable using it. Then building a team for a startup was an interesting phase. Customer feedback is and was the biggest motivator. It keeps me going further, and my friends always encourage me.

What is the USP of Flipshope?
Ability to work on high-end Technology like AI and machine learning. All our processes are automated, and there is no manual intervention. We can do more with less human resources. We help customers to save.

Tell us about your Team. What is the future scope of expansion?
In 2013, I started it with Mr. Gaurav Kumar, a friend from IIT Kharagpur. Slowly, we built a team. It went up to 30 people with offices in Bengaluru and later in Jaipur. Today we are a team of about 70.It is a huge market. The global market is open, and, at least for the next 2-3 years, we would focus on the current venture.


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