Ron DeSantis bests Donald Trump in Wisconsin GOP straw poll

Most 2024 polls show the former President as the GOP frontrunner. Could that change?

In the latest in a series of indications of Gov. Ron DeSantis‘rising position in the Republican Party, a straw poll of 2024 presidential primary preferences of 325 Wisconsin Republican activists saw him outperform former President Donald Trump.

The Saturday poll of attendees of the Wisconsin Republican Convention, reported on by WisPolitics.comsaw DeSantis get 38% of the vote in a hypothetical 2024 GOP field that included over two dozen potential candidates.

Trump got 32% of the vote, and no one else was even close: former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley got 7% ​​of the vote, good for third place.

DeSantis was the only major Florida Republican to poll above low single digits. Sen. Marco Rubio had 2% support, and his in-state Senate colleague Rick Scott was less than 1%.

The poll suggested Trump fatigue may be setting in, with just 43% of respondents supportive of another Trump campaign even happening.

Though straw polls can be wildly variable, this non-scientific survey tracks with more formal polling showing DeSantis is becoming a first choice with an increasing amount of Republicans as a potential 2024 GOP standard bearer.

DeSantis’ positioning is getting stronger as 2024 speculation simmers, while Trump struggles to get majority support in state polling.

The May poll from Texas’ CWS Research offers one such example. It shows that Trump would only command 45% support in a field with DeSantis and other Republicans. DeSantis’ 28% is a strong second, a full eight points up from April polling from this same group.

The same trend holds true in North Carolinawhere a competitive Primary season has led to prospective 2024 questions as well in a series of polls.

National polls corroborate the more granular surveys of what is still a hypothetical contest. DeSantis is a strong second to Trump in surveys testing the two names in the same question.

Without Trump in the field, DeSantis wins most of these surveys by commanding margins.

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