Romania’s Bunnyshell raises $ 4 million to expand US presence

Historically developers have been making codes on limited and outdated production replicas, resulting in multiple defects in staging and pre-production days. Addressing the issue, Romanian cloud infrastructure startup Bunnyshell is letting developers make and test their code as close to production as possible, which results in lower rollback, higher code quality and more frequent releases.

The platform has roped in $ 4 million in funding. The investment from Early Game Ventures (EGV) and RocaX Ventures will be primarily used for expansion into the US market.

Founded by Roxana Ciobanu and Alin Dobra, the platform creates replicas of production environments, no matter how complex the architecture is and what services are used. All a developer has to do is connect to their repository and cloud provider and it automatically discovers the services, both internal and external, creating development and staging environments needed. It then tracks source code changes and triggers defined at the project level to automatically update existing environments or build new ephemeral environments for each pull request.

Bunnyshell’s Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform includes availability rules to manage the cost of resources as well as auto-update to avoid drift issues.

Alin Dobra, co-founder and CEO, Bunnyshell said: “We plan to focus more on the market in North America and help more CTOs and engineering leaders release faster and unleash bottlenecks. The complexity of today’s software architecture, with cloud native services, security policies, datasets and more, makes managing environments a complex process that requires multiple DevOps engineers. We established Bunnyshell so that developers can focus on delivering code and so that organizations can ship faster without the need to hire dozens of DevOps engineers. ”

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