Rising costs are dominating Maine politics, but solutions are scarce

Drivers pulling into the Dysart’s station in Bangor last Thursday were greeted by an unusual sight: former Gov. Paul LePage and former US Rep. Bruce Poliquin were waiting to help pump gas and talk with unsuspecting voters about high prices.

While the Republicans running for their old seats in 2022 gabbed with customers, volunteer Jeff Thom of Orrington set up a table in the parking lot, ready to register voters or hand out LePage 2022 lawn signs. He sat just below the large price sign that read $ 4.65, slightly below the state average but still higher than ever.

Thom said he got involved with politics in 2020 because of frustration with lockdowns. He has tabled elsewhere as well. With record gas prices, he said Dysarts was a “good place to be.”

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