Resist Florida GOP’s divisive politics, Bible “inappropriate”

Resist actions of governor, Legislature

The Herald-Tribune’s excellent articles on a Booker High teacher and the meaning of the word “woke” must prompt Floridians to “awoke” (rouse to action)!

The teacher being ordered to remove his “Coexist” flag, schoolbooks banned for ridiculous reasons, Disney targeted for opposition to the governor’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, teachers prohibited from discussing with students gender identity issues that may surface in the classroom and legislation designed to suppress voting and to gerrymander out minority representatives all are reasons to resist and act (‘“COEXIST’ flag deemed potentially political at Booker High School,” April 23).

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Here are some positive ways to resist and act:

• Engage people in civil dialogue that questions why a governor and state Legislature would use divisive devices for political gain.

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