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There’s trouble brewing in the kitchen of the next production at Playmakers’ Theater when the Covington company mounts “The Kitchen Witches,” a comedy about a pair of television chefs determined to cook the other’s goose (so to speak).

Real television chef Kevin Belton, seen on WWL-TV and PBS, will be on hand for opening night, an event that includes a fundraiser for the theater with cocktails, auctions and more.

The kitchen comedy features a duo of “mature” chefs on a cable access show who have hated each other for decades (both dated the same man who later married one). The son, now a producer, is trying to keep the proverbial pot from boiling over as the popularity of the show takes off.

Directed by Anysia Genre, the cast includes Janie McNulty, Julie Generes, Jonah Boudreaux and Titus McCann.

Tickets start at $ 20 at 19106 Playmakers Road in Covington. Visit

A prickly situation

Immersive theater takes a dive into the subconscious when “Porcupine” premieres at the Bywater Wonderland’s Victorian rooms and gardens.

The show, written by Michael Merino and directed by Mel Cook, features Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung in 1909. The audience has a chance to wander through the action, described as “hikes into the subconscious, Wagnerian singalongs and tetherball tournaments.”

Taking on the roles of Freud and Jung are Vatican Lokey and Ryan Bruch, with other cast including Jay Canova, Mason Joiner, Jen Pagan, Todd Schrenk and Ratty Scurvics.

The action takes place at 3405 Royal St. at 7:30 pm Thursday through Sunday and Wednesday, plus June 2-4. Tickets start at $ 20. Visit

Streetcar’s opener

Streetcar Collective for the Arts, a new theatrical endeavor, produces a pair of shows in its opening foray into Crescent City performances at The Domino in the Bywater.

The show, “folie √† deux,” features a video installation and a live play with musical accompaniment. The works focus on “the darkest parts of the human experience.” The show was inspired by the late local thespian Michael Martin.

For “The Two Chairs,” Peter Canavello and Mariana Santiago have been taped in the piece about a man and a woman and the dialogue between the two. The duo have joined for the live dark comedy for Santiago’s “Human Troubles” by Kenneth “Woo” Wooten, Tricia Anderson, Julie Wakefield, Brooke Volkert and Madison Weatherby.

The performances will be at 6 pm Friday to Sunday in the courtyard at 3044 St. Claude Ave. Tickets start at $ 20. Visit

Getting squirrelly

Four shows will be part of the inaugural season for new company Fat Squirrel that runs from a series of short plays to a production of one of Bard’s classics.

Founded by Andrea Watson, the company will perform at Bryant Park NOLA, 1131 Tchoupitoulas, and the Fortress of Lushington, 2215 Burgundy St.

“Bestival,” a series of short pieces written by local authors, opens June 13-23 at Bryant, with the theme “reexamining the familiar.” Lucy Faust, Stephanie Garrison and Bradley Warshauer have penned five shows.

“Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi” opens Aug. 8-18 features Faust in a work by Pam Gems about four female flat-mates in London helping each other through life.

“The Canopic Jar of My Sins: A Medieval Morality Play for Latter-Day Postmodernists” plays in October at Lushington. The show focuses on a show trial for plastics scientist Ralph Wiley, tried on a floating island of plastic, and beached at Easter Island where an angel appears “and things get strange.”

Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” starring Dane Rhodes, will be staged in December at Lushington, set in 19th-century Manhattan, where the influx of immigrants has created tension.

For information, visit

In production

“A NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN”: 7:30 pm Thursdays to Saturdays, 3 pm Saturdays and Sundays through May 29; Le Petit Theater du Vieux Carr√©, 616 St. Peter St., New Orleans. The musical stylings of Joplin, the raw, brilliant and brief queen of rock and roll, pours out when Leslie McDonel takes on the role. Tickets start at $ 25.

“TREASURE ISLAND”: 7:30 pm Wednesdays to Fridays through May 27, plus Sunday and Tuesday; The NOLA Project, Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, New Orleans Museum of Art, City Park. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s stories of swashbuckling excitement, penned by AJ Allegra, James Bartelle and Alex Martinez Wallace, updating the story for contemporary audiences. Tickets start at $ 20.

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