Police union endorses Marco Rubio over Val Demings

Despite facing a challenge from a one-time police chief, US Sen. Marco Rubio keeps lining up support from cops.

On Sunday, the Florida Police Benevolent Association became the latest law enforcement group to endorse the incumbent.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that 30,000 strong endorse Sen. Marco Rubio, ” John Kazanjian, Florida PBA president, said. “I know you have our back, and we got yours.”

In November, Rubio likely will face US Rep. Val Demingsan Orlando Democrat and former police chief.

But he has continued to run on a law-and-order message – and been rewarded.

“I don’t know of any other time when it’s been so important to support law enforcement across this country than it is right now,” Rubio said. “I think back to that summer of 2020, when it was in vogue among some to go out and criticize and attack law enforcement. I am deeply honored by this endorsement. ”

The support follows 55 of Florida’s 67 county sheriffs backing Rubio at the Florida Sheriffs Conference in January. The Florida Police Chiefs Association also endorsed the incumbent.

The organizations have not openly criticized Demings but enthusiastically touted Rubio as a choice.

“He’s been a true champion for law enforcement from the day he was [elected] in West Miami to where he’s at today, ”he said Steadman Stahl, South Florida PBA President. “It’s leaders like him that are going to make this a better country. This is a no-brainer. ”

Rubio said he’s honored to have the support of those on the front lines of keeping the public safe.

“If something terrible happens tonight, you’re gonna dial those three numbers… and someone with a uniform on is going to show up, and they’re going to be willing to put their lives on the line to save yours or someone you love , ”Rubio said. “This is a very difficult job. We need to honor and respect the people who do it. ”

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