Pointless Celebrities, Special Comedians, BBC One

A special comedy edition of the general knowledge quiz in which four teams try to come up with the answers that no-one else could think of. Presented by Alexander Armstrong and co-host Richard Osman, with contestants Olga Koch, Chloe Petts, Arabella Weir, Jon Culshaw, Ted Robbins, Justin Moorhouse, Neil Delamere and Loyiso Gola (Delamere and Gola pictured).

It does feel these days that if you want to check out the hot new talent in stand-up comedy you are better off watching a program with Richard Osman in it than going to a stand-up club. If they aren’t appearing on his House of Games the chances are they will pop up on Pointless Celebrities specials such as this one.

In fact rising star Chloe Petts has already got a House of Games notch on her bedppost and in this edition of Pointless she is teaming up with London-based Olga Koch, who grew up partly in Russia but has recently become a UK citizen. And guess what, Olga Koch has also been on House of Games.

Maybe a question on this show should be “What comedians have not been on House of Games or Pointless Celebrities?”

Also appearing in this edition are Fast Show regular Arabella Weir, who is most famous for the Does My Bum Look Big? sketches, and Jon Culshaw, who is due to play Les Dawson in a forthcoming play called Flying High.

Ted Robbins is a stand-up veteran and seasoned warm-up too. Justin Moorhouse is a lynchpin of the Manchester comedy scene. And watch out for Irishman Neil Delamere and South African Loyiso Gola, the international dream team.

And as for Richard Osman, he recently announced that he is leaving the daytime Pointless but will still be doing these specials. He said: “Delighted I’ll still be involved in Pointless Celebrities though. I will still always be your Pointless friend.”

Pointless Celebrities, Comedians Special, BBC One, Saturday, May 21, 8pm. BBC One.

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