ORNL’s Dongarra to receive ‘Nobel prize of computing’

Jack Dongarra, distinguished professor of computer science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Tickle College of Engineering and distinguished research staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will receive the 2021 AM Turing Award from the Association of Computing Machinery.

Dongarra, described in a UT news release as an innovator in computational software, is being honored for his pioneering contributions which have helped pave the way for high-performance computing’s evolution over the past 40 years.

The award, often referred to as the “Nobel Prize of computing,” is named for Alan M. Turing, the British mathematician who described the mathematical foundation and limits of computing, the release stated. Along with the recognition, the award carries a $ 1 million prize, with financial support provided by Google Inc.

“This is an overwhelming and humbling recognition, and I am honored to have been chosen for it,” Dongarra stated in the UT information. “I have been privileged to take part in research and developments that have helped design the libraries and software that have allowed for the advancements that we’ve made in computing, but to be chosen for this award is truly not something I ever expected. I must give credit to the generations of colleagues, students, and staff whose work and ideas influenced me over the years. I hope I can live up to all the greatness that the Turing Award has recognized and become a role model, as many of the recipients have been, to the next generation of computer scientists. “

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