Nikki Fried makes anti-Ron DeSantis case on Fox News

In what could be described as equal time, Fox News Channel interviewed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried.

While the Sunday segment was not in one of the widely viewed prime-time opinion-driven shows, it nonetheless afforded Fried, Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, some time to make a case to conservative viewers about DeSantis’ faults relative to the handling of the Disney contretemps and the state’s affordable housing crisis.

On the current move to remove Disney’s special taxing district via sunsetting the Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967, Fried decried DeSantis seeking “revenge” against the company for opposing the Parental Rights in Education law.

“This was done as a knee-jerk reaction to teach Disney to stay in your place,” Fried said. “Otherwise, we’re going to come and harm you.”

Responding to DeSantis saying Disney overplayed its hand, Fried redirected the question.

“There’s never been a conversation until this moment to change the way that these works,” Fried said of the special district. The issue went farther than just Disney, she added.

“If you dare cross this Governor, there is revenge to be paid,” said Fried. “And that is the problem that I have.”

“It was done for the sole purpose of taking revenge against somebody who dares speak up against the Governor and his agenda,” Fried added.

Moving on to the state’s affordability issues, Fried was presented with a clip of the Governor telling the Ingraham Angle last week that it was a function of untrammeled demand to live in the state.

“People realize who your Governor is, and your state government policy has more impact on you than even the President of the United States,” DeSantis said.

Fried said DeSantis had made Florida “California or New York” and vowed to “declare a state of emergency” about rent prices if elected.

“Instead of tackling those issues that impact people’s lives every single day,” Fried said of housing prices, “he’s getting into a fight with Disney, he’s having special sessions on our Congressional maps, not focusing on the issues.”

A hard break cut off Fried’s train of thought.

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