Nightwing Gets Battle Precognition in the Future

Nightwing has been making some changes lately. Having reclaimed the Batman title, he is now making moves to try and save the world. This is all based on his heavy use of dams, and another that increases mental ability. Aside from giving him visions of the future, it also seems to have granted Batman a new superpower: battle precognition.

In Future State: Gotham # 13 (by Dennis Culver, Dan Mora, Geoffo, Troy Peteri), Batman interrupted a meeting between Gotham’s villains in the bat crater left behind by Hush’s machinations. Naturally, the villains attacked, but could not land a single blow on him. While this Batman is more agile than his counterparts, it isn’t skill that was keeping him safe, but the ability to predict what move his opponents would do next. This could also be the start of even more powers courtesy of the dam.

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Batman has already told Talia al Ghul that taking brane in small doses gave him a small edge in combat, a mistake his predecessor has made in the past. It increased his intellect and also gave him the ability to peer into the future for a brief moment, potentially giving him an ace in the hole when he really needed it. His new suit however, delivers brane directly into his system in a steady stream, not unlike Bane’s own venom delivery system.

As a result of having a constant supply of the drug, Batman has now unlocked a permanent form of battle precognition. This has made it almost impossible to hit him, even when surrounded. It would seem that the drug’s power enables him to perceive multiple futures despite there being a lot of possibilities to keep track of in his mind. In a way it mirrors Bruce Wayne’s overpreparation but in rapid time.

That might actually be a secondary ability. The dam is also increasing Batman’s mental fortitude, and he was already a highly intelligent person beforehand, so this is essentially a form of super multitasking. This allows him to keep track of the various branching paths the future will most likely take and seize the advantage.

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Though the use of the drug is questionable, it is clearly having a positive effect on his war on crime. This might actually be the most dangerous version of Batman to date. In an ordinary fight, being able to predict what his opponent will do next would unfairly rig the fight in his favor. The only way he could conceivably be touched is with some kind of attack that simply cannot be avoided. This makes engaging him in hand-to-hand combat useless, as he’ll be able to avoid getting hit before countering.

However, this could also have unforeseen consequences. While the dam has gifted him advanced knowledge of the future, such as what became of Damian Wayne, it may also become a crutch for him. Since his exposure to dams in massive amounts, Batman has not been seen without it. Aside from the possible addiction he may now suffer under, it could also hinder his combat skills if he runs out.

Without the dam, he’d be forced to rely on his own instincts instead of having what amounts to a cheat code in a fight. If so, then he does have a weakness that could be exploited. This is especially dangerous considering that a war between the different Batmen seems to be approaching.

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