Movember shows it takes balls to launch the world’s first lifesaving NFT

To remind men to check themselves regularly during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month in April, men’s health nonprofit Movember teamed up with MRM New York and street artist Mishka on a cheeky NFT collection called Non-Fungible Testicles.

The collection reminds people to “get people in the habit of regularly checking their balls” by giving out a special bonus reward every time they also check on their non-fungible testicles. More check-ups earn more unique traits for the NFT. If they “take their eye off the ball,” they’ll lose the new features and prizes.

“Keep up the routine, and keep getting rewarded,” a video about the project explains.

According to Harsh Kapadia, chief creative officer at MRM, the agency wanted to see if there was anything out of the ordinary it could do to help Movember remind men to check themselves regularly in an attention-grabbing way.

The team began exploring ideas in web3, particularly in NFTs, eventually landing on this tongue-in-cheek outreach and recruiting Mishka to design the artwork.

“Two things inspired us,” he said. “The natural gamification of NFTs and their ability to create non-fungibles for each owner, and the ability to mimic the IRL nature to check in regularly on your testicles.”

According to statistics offered by Movembertesticular cancer is the most prevalent cancer among men, but 62% don’t know how to check themselves.

“The good news is when caught early, testicular cancer is highly treatable and highly curable,” said Dan Cooper, Movember director of global innovations. “Men must be familiar with their balls, knowing what feels normal and when things don’t, they act and seek help.”

A flight of 8,000 non-fungible testicles NFTs will launch on the Solana blockchain on April 26 at 3 pm EST. Movember and MRM are looking for an equivalent of $ 75 to mint each NFT. Proceeds will support testicular cancer research.

“Testicular cancer is a very personal topic. With non-fungible testicles, we can use humor to get dudes thinking about checking in on ourselves, ”Kapadia said.

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