LG display boss flexes OLED TV muscle, new OLED.EX tech: evolutionary

LG’s next-gen OLED TV display technology, OLED.EX, is primed for the future and has been detailed in a recent keynote speech by Lee Hyeon-woo, Senior Vice President and Head of Life Display Business Group at LG Display.


The next-gen LG OLED.EX panel technology boosts screen brightness by 30% and reproduces natural colors more precisely, which is thanks to the innovations in LG Display’s world-leading OLED technology. Lee Hyeon-woo explained: “As a result of analyzing the color distribution of content such as over-the-air and OTT videos that customers mainly watch, 70% of the images were in the high-brightness area adjacent to white“.

He continued: “There are very few videos that use primary colors or colors that combine only primary colors. It is more important to improve the image quality in the color gamut near white, and it is effective in realizing realistic images. By improving the screen brightness of OLED.EX, LG Display has completed a display that is closer to natural color expression“.

Even in technology that maximizes the difference between the bright and dark parts of the screen, OLEDs with infinite contrast ratio can express the exact screen brightness required by content. With EX technology, HDR implementation performance has been further improved“.

OLED.EX is an eco-friendly display that is comfortable for the eyes and minimizes the harmful blue light despite the improved screen brightness. LG Display is promoting gaming, transparent, and portable OLEDs as new business areas beyond TVs based on OLED.EX technology“.

LG display boss flexes OLED TV muscle, new OLED.EX tech: evolutionary 06 |  TweakTown.com

After analyzing color distribution for the TV and OTT content consumers typically watch, we found that 70% of images featured high-brightness areas adjacent to white and rarely displayed only primary colors. That’s why improving near-white image quality is the most effective way of enhancing color accuracy. And by improving the brightness of OLED.EX based on LG Display’s OLED technology, we’re able to achieve a Natural Reality that expresses the truest, most natural colors on screen“.

We are preparing various solutions to create new and unique experiences for consumers. We aim to provide richer user experiences that cater to different changing lifestyles“.


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