I should have a say in whether or not my future is derailed

I have almost started crying multiple times while standing in the bathroom with my friends, and I never really expected to get here.

Sure, I care about politics. I’m basically studying that to try and make a living, but since someone decided to take away what little control I have over my life and my body as is, I guess that’s enough to push someone to want to cry in their bathroom on a random Tuesday afternoon. I want to scream. I want to yell.

I already walk through the world afraid of things that some of these people making decisions about my body will never comprehend. After one year of college, I have learned that it is tough to understand things unless you experience them, so why should I expect some men – and a few highly qualified but not necessarily focused women – to understand my day-to-day life and why my stomach drops with the news that my right to bodily autonomy has the chance of being ripped away from me ?. So, instead of ranting about how angry I am surrounding Roe v. Wade, I will share a few essential things that I believe will help anyone understand why I am so angry whenever the topic comes up.

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