How to automate your work and save time (without any coding)

This tool could automate your work and save you time.
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The amount of time and energy you give to tiny tasks throughout the day adds up fast. In a few months, for instance, you might spend a full day simply organizing data or switching between apps. And that’s time you could have spent getting the big projects done.

The KonnectzIT Automation Platform: Pro Plan can automate tons of menial tasks for you, integrating with hundreds of apps so you can focus on more important things. For a limited time, you can subscribe to the KonnectzIT Automation Platform at up to an 85% discount.

Automate your workflow

As automation platforms go, KonnectzIT is one of the best, and that’s not even considering its affordable price. KonnectzIT integrates with more than 600 other apps like Slack, DropBox, Gmail, Trigger and GitLab to automate your workflow. That will save you time and let you get back to more high-priority work (or take a break).

KonnectzIT does all this without requiring any coding. The software’s highly visual interface lets you build automations simply by dragging and dropping connecting nodes. It’s like if a connect-the-dots game saved you hundreds of hours on menial work.

A Capterra reviewer put it simply: “I would never have been able to integrate multiple systems in such a short amount of time if I hadn’t used KonnectzIT…. If you’re looking for a Zapier alternative, look no further. ”

A Zapier alternative

From the KonnectzIT dashboard, you can check the progress of your automations or set up more. (The list of available KonnectzIT integrations is constantly growing.)

The software lets you organize and access your workflows through a simple folder system that doesn’t overcomplicate what should be a simple task. Speaking of tasks, you can track records of your workflow progress so you can edit the automation or solve errors quickly.

Save on the KonnectzIT Automation Platform

Save yourself time by delegating the low-level tasks to an app you can trust (and observe). For a limited time, you can get the KonnectzIT Automation Platform Pro Plan on sale. Get one year for $ 39.99 (regularly $ 180), two years for $ 59.99 (regularly $ 360) or three years for $ 79.99 (regularly $ 540).

Prices subject to change.

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