Ferrari Blacklisted These 5 Celebrities From Purchasing Its Cars

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Ferrari is not exactly known for its forgiving and remarkable customer service. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Nothing quite paints a car company in a bad light like Jay Leno not purchasing one of its cars for its unfavorable purchasing process. In fact, it seems Ferrari is the only company to have the honor. On top of it all, Ferrari recently banned Justin Bieber from purchasing its cars for a remarkably petty reason. Let’s see what other celebrity figures the old prancing horse has put a sales embargo on!

Tyga has a history that Ferrari does not like

Tyga giving Kyle Jenner a Ferrari | Keith Johnson / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

According to Hotcars, rapper Tyga has a bit of a checkered history with cars. Not just Ferrari, either. Allegedly, he is no stranger to leasing a vehicle and then failing to make the payments, leading to the cars being repossessed.

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