Elon Musk NFT created to commemorate his help to Ukraine during the war

The Meta History: Museum of War has raised $ 850,000 so far from NFT-artworks to support Ukraine during the war. The NFT artwork included one special piece dedicated to the aid Elon Musk has provided the country during this turbulent time.

Mykhailo Fedorov – the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation – shared a picture of the artwork via Twitter. Fedorov thanked Meta History for its contribution. He also noted that “some things are beyond money like sincere help.” He referred to the help Elon Musk has provided Ukraine via his companies. Through SpaceX, he provided much-needed internet service thanks to Starlink.

Tesla has also supported Ukraine by offering free Supercharger services to neighboring countries, such as Poland, Slovakia, and Hungry, helping refugees escape the war zone.

Just recently, Tesla Powerwalls were used to power two ambulance clinics in Ukraine. Ambulance clinics provide outpatient care or outpatient medical services, including doctor consultations, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation. Ambulance clinics may include offices for physicians and other healthcare professionals, surgical centers, specialty clinics, and urgent care clinics.

According to Fedorov, the Tesla Powerwall will be used in outpatient clinics located in Irpin and Borodyanka. Ukrainians reclaimed Irpin in early April, and people have started rebuilding their homes. Pictures from The New York Post revealed the devastating destruction of Ukraine-Russian War has caused the city.

Borodyanka is also striving to rebuild after fierce fighting broke out in the area. It was also liberated in early April. Foreign reporters visited Borodyanka to document the catastrophic desolation of Russian troops left behind.

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Elon Musk NFT created to commemorate his help to Ukraine during the war

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