eCommerce Businesses can Celebrate Earth Month

Save money and our planet this Earth Day with Professional and Beautifully Designed Custom
Sustainable Packaging from Arka.

Earth Month is a time to remember the critical nature of designing more sustainable processes in every industry. For eCommerce businesses, consumer concerns around sustainability have built momentum around sustainable packaging.

“You’re not breaking the bank when choosing sustainably sourced packaging, you just have to make decisions around your brand and recognize who your target audience is,” says founder Phillip Akhzar. “If they’re eco-conscious already, you could get Compostable Mailers because your customers will know how to dispose of them responsibly. If they’re an average buyer who is probably going to throw the bag away anyways, they’d be guilt free if you sold them a product in a 100% PCR Mailer because that material is at the end of its life! ”

This shift in focus is led by millennials and Gen Zers, who are quickly becoming the largest consumer segment. Of those ages 21 to 34, 90 percent say that they are willing to spend more money on a product that contains environmentally friendly or sustainable ingredients.

In response, both new and legacy eCommerce businesses are hunting for options to satisfy their customers’ desire for sustainability. Arka provides affordable, customizable, sustainable packaging options for businesses.

The eCommerce industry is currently experiencing a boom in sales. During the pandemic, online sales grew dramatically. In 2021, retail eCommerce sales reached 4.9 trillion US dollars globally. Also, in 2021, more holiday shopping took place online than ever before, emphasizing the importance of businesses considering the impact of their packaging on the environment. By switching to eco-friendly packaging, companies can lessen their environmental footprint and secure repeat customers by demonstrating their commitment to the planet.

Arka has been creating customizable, sustainable packaging since 2018. They offer end-to-end sustainable practices and FSC Certified products. They do not just stop using more eco-friendly materials. Arka works with brands to reduce the amount of packaging used by focusing on “Ships In Its Own Container” (SIOC) solutions. SIOC packaging allows brands to dramatically reduce the quantity of packaging used in product fulfillment. From the material offerings and shipping methods to the facilities used, Arka utilizes all the latest eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Choosing to invest in sustainable packaging not only saves businesses money in the long run, but it’s also an investment for the planet. Get eco-friendly custom packaging at the best prices, lowest minimums, and quickest turnarounds with Arka.

“Even if a client does not want to pay for eco-friendly packaging, they can do a carbon neutral checkout. It’s seriously easier than ever to have a positive impact and let your customer base know ”says Venture for America Fellow and Head of Customer Success at Arka Amelia Lord.

A recent McKinsey & Company report shows that one out of four consumers say they are planning to focus more on environmental issues and will pay more attention to social aspects in their shopping behavior. Furthermore, First Insight’s survey report shows that generation Z is influencing other generations to shop and spend more on sustainable brands.

“We’ve psyched to be able to provide this offering, it’s new to us but it’s something we’s proud of. It’s important to “democratize access” to sustainable packaging because it seemed so out of reach for people but we’d like to make it easy, ”Akhzar says.


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