DeepRedSky (DRS) Opens Political NFT Gifting Within Marketplace, Helping Campaigns Better Engage with Potential Voters & Emerging Tech.

Political NFT Gifting Services Part of DRS ‘Planned Expansion Across Politics, Pop-Culture & Pro-Sports; Follows Initial Artistic NFT Collections, Now Available Exclusively on DeepRedSky (Powered by Parler)

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / – DeepRedSky (DRS) has further established itself as a leading NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace today by introducing political NFT offerings, including gifting capabilities, to help campaigns wishing to be pioneers in utilizing the unique capabilities of Web3. NFT gifting is a cutting-edge way to augment fundraising and outreach efforts, allowing campaigns to acknowledge supporters with a collectible digital asset, capturing or memorializing moments of political or cultural significance, and stored for posterity in a crypto wallet.

In addition to serving as a collectible digital asset, NFTs may help build supporter and follower engagement via gamification, as they can be used to reward volunteers and donors with visual tokens of appreciation for their participation in certain canvassing or fundraising events, or simply to build community engagement around topics and trends of interest. Most early purchasers on the new DRS marketplace come from the key 25-54 demographic valued by advertisers generally, establishing early validation for the platform powered by Parler, and empowered by Parler’s growing community of content creators.

“While focused on reclaiming Parler’s independence and momentum in the social space, we simultaneously established the DeepRedSky NFT marketplace to redefine the opportunities and experiences for collectors and creators of crypto-backed artistic assets,” reveals Parler CEO George Farmer. “The Parler social platform and DeepRedSky – which operates in the emergent, exciting, and rapidly expanding NFT space – have significant opportunities to fuel each other synergistically through their aligned content creator and creative communities”

DeepRedSky is the leading political NFT gifting platform and service provider within this nascent space, offering:

  1. NFT creation and gifting services to both federal political committees and candidate campaigns, enabling them to access varied NFT creators who help campaigns ideate before designing unique NFTs according to a campaigns or candidate’s wishes.
  2. NFT services will be offered in different ways to best support clients, including facilitating NFT sales and sponsorships, operating committee & campaign ‘storefronts,’ or as a NFT “wholesaler.”

As with other “merch” often gifted by political campaigns or committees, political NFT Gifts comport fully with Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations so long as campaigns adhere to applicable contribution limitations and reporting requirements. DRS / Parler charges a reasonable and customary fee for any values ​​or services created or provided for the benefit of political campaigns.

About DeepRedSky (DRS): This premiere NFT marketplace delivers an engaging yet simplified user experience and connects fans and collectors with world-class individuals and brands across politics, media, sports, and the arts. Offering creator-to-peer NFTs with varying degrees of rarity, DRS enhances the digital purchasing experience through its offering of auctions, pack-and-drops, gumball-machine schemas, as well as instant buys. Learn more at:

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