David Dobrik ‘Explained’ How Celebrities Sell Their Souls To The Illuminati

It’s long been rumored that celebrities sell their souls to the Illuminati in order to gain their celebrity status and wealth.

Despite being one of the most well-known and long-standing conspiracy theories, there are few details on how this actually happens.

Until now, apparently.

Notorious YouTuber David Dobrick explained how celebrities become part of the Illuminati.

In a Zane and Heath: Unfiltered podcast appearance in 2021, Dobrik, a controversial figure against whom several troubling allegations have been over the past few years, tells the story of a girl named “Sydney” (her full identity is unknown) who was allegedly approached by a man who told her he could make her famous.

Dobrik claims that the girl told him that the man told her he could make her into anything as long as she sacrificed someone.

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Dobrik then talks about attending a Hollywood party that some long-time celebrities were at, one of which who allegedly told the girl not to give in to the Illuminati because they ruined his best friend Michael Jackson’s life.

Dobrik further claims that every big celebrity he’s ever asked has confirmed the existence of the Illuminati, though he says he does not believe that every celebrity is part of it.


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