Census 2022: which celebrities denounced that they were not registered

The 2022 census It was carried out this Wednesday throughout the country, with 652 thousand census takers in charge of carrying out the survey of 17 million homes. The operation was supposed to end at 18:00, but Some people denounced that the census takers did not come to their house.

This is the case of several celebrities and politicians who exposed their situation through social networks. “My digital census did not work and they did not register me in person ”claimed the former senator of the Nation, Federico Pinedo.

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(Photo: Capture Twitter / pinedofederico)

Actress Viviana Saccone also complained about the situation and stated that 6 census takers had passed through her block, but none of them had to survey her address. “Six identical dialogues throughout the day”he pointed.

“Are you coming to register me? (look at the spreadsheet). ‘No, it’s not up to me’. And you can not do the same? ‘Do not’. But can you add me from the app? ‘The app does not work’ ”rebuilt.

(Photo: Capture Twitter / vivisaccone)
(Photo: Capture Twitter / vivisaccone)

The one who also did not receive census takers was the deputy of Together for Change, Martin Tetaz. On his Twitter account, he wrote: “Dear Marco Lavagna: being 18:00 no census taker has come to our building (full Commune 14). How should we proceed? Shall we take shift for another day?

(Photo: Capture Twitter / martintetaz)
(Photo: Capture Twitter / martintetaz)

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Minutes before 6:00 pm, the writer Claudia Piñeiro indicated that they had not passed by her building to take a census and asked her followers if it was possible that they would not pass by after the stipulated time.

(Photo: Capture Twitter / claudiapineiro)
(Photo: Capture Twitter / claudiapineiro)

Sara Stewart Brown, plastic artist, criticized the lack of census in a downtown area and marked: “If they did not register us who are 3 km from the Obelisk, I do not want to imagine rural areas.”

(Photo: Capture Twitter / kiwita)
(Photo: Capture Twitter / kiwita)

The media lawyer Ana Rosenfeld, at the beginning of LAM (America), joined the claim and said that he was going to send the corresponding mail to INDEC. “They did not arrive. I just called back to confirm. I did the digital census, but they did not come home”, He told the air.

Census 2022: what to do if the census taker did not pass

Marco Lavagna reported that Until Sunday May 22 there will be a process of supervision and recovery of those people who could not complete the census for different reasons. He announced that they have three mechanisms planned to have all the data.

  • Digital census: those who have completed the survey digitally they will not have to complete the survey again, since their data is registered in the system, as confirmed by Lavagna.
  • Face-to-face census: the director of the Indec announced that A telephone line, a contact by mail and digital tools will be enabled so that the body can communicate with all homes.

According to the planning agreed upon in the National Statistical System, from May 19 to 22, the recovery stage will be carried out so that the entire population is correctly accounted for.

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Census 2022: where can I claim

The Indec reported that this anomaly can be reported in the toll-free Census Help Desk phone line (0800-345-2022).

Another option is to send an email to [email protected] with the matter “I was not registered.” In this message, the following information must be attached: name, province, party / department, town, street, number, floor and department, six-digit completion code (if you completed the digital census), contact email and telephone number.

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