Celebrities to Join Bitgert to Mint NFT?

by Analytics Insight
April 6, 2022

Among the most significant developments coming soon on the Bitgert blockchain is the NFT marketplace.

Bitgert NFT marketplace is projected to be the next big thing, and that’s why it is attracting a lot of attention in the crypto market. Many investors, including celebrities, are joining this project today to maximize NFT. Bitgert NFTs’ attraction is coming at the backdrop of massive successes that other blockchains, which are not as powerful as the Bitgert chain, have been posting.

The biggest drivers for the best performing NFT marketplace are fast blockchain, affordability and also security. These are areas Bitgert is outperforming all the blockchains right now, including those trading NFTs. Read more below:


Among the most significant developments coming soon on the Bitgert blockchain is the NFT marketplace. Bitgert is developing one of the most powerful platforms for NFTs developers and traders. What makes Bitgert NTFs attractive to the crypto community, including celebrities, is the blockchain powering the marketplace.

The Bitgert NFTs will be the most efficient in the market because of the fast and low gas fee the blockchain offers. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is still the fastest chain with 100k TPS, which means it might do better than Solana. But the biggest attraction has always been the Bitgert zero gas fee.

The celebrities know the impact that a gasless and fastest blockchain will have on their NFTs. The speed and cost of minting NFTs will be better on Bitgert than on any other Blockchain out there. In addition to that, the access of their NFTs will be better at the Bitgert blockchain because of the zero gas fee and the fastest chain features, which are skyrocketing Bitgert chain adoption.

The bottom line is that Bitgert NFTs will be the next big thing, and this has been benchmarked with the Solana NFTs’ success. The lowest gas fee and the fastest chains are the biggest reasons the Bitgert NFT marketplace will be a success.


NFT, which stands for “non-fungible token,” is currently one of the largest industries in the crypto market. These are digital units built on blockchain and that carry valuable information that is stored in them. As the name says, these tokens are non-fungible, which means that they can not be altered, and there are no copies of an NFT. NFTs can be anything from videos, pictures, or any other digital assets.

Celebrities are the biggest targets in this industry, where everything about them can be minted into an NFT and made available for sales. Celebrity NFTs are also the hottest in the market. In fact, some of the most expensive NFTs are about celebrities, especially in the NBA. Bitgert is building the most powerful NFT marketplace.

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