Celebrities Are Just Like Us: Bill Nighy Procrastinates

Bill Nighy at a premiere

Bill Nighy is known for a great many roles, and he’s one of our more eccentric actors. When you stop and think about his work, you can probably think of a specific role right off the bat. For me, it’s always going to be the museum guide in Doctor Who who tells a time-traveling Vincent Van Gogh how beloved his work is in the episode “Vincent and the Doctor.”

But he is also incredibly relatable. The actor did an interview with Telegraph where he talked about his dreams as a child and how he did not want to always be an actor. Instead, Nighy wanted to be a writer. The problem? He procrastinates and hasn’t written a word in his entire life (according to him).

Nighy crediting his lack of notoriety as an author to his procrastination tendencies is something I think everyone can relate to. Whether it is putting off what you want to do because of other responsibilities or pushing it away because you’re too afraid of putting yourself out there, we all procrastinate about something.

It’s just funny to hear that a very talented and famous actor like Bill Nighy also procrastinates and that his fallback plan has resulted in acclaim and success. His procrastination gifted us all with some brilliant performances, but now I just want to know what kind of author he would have been!

With Nighy’s love of Terry Pratchett, can we get him on Good Omens season 2, though?

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