Georgia’s now traveling into its tourism future

Georgia’s now traveling into its tourism future

In Georgia, we recognize the importance of travel, and that’s why we are focused on positioning our travel brand for an even stronger future by reimagining the industry to become more sustainable, innovative, diverse and globally competitive than ever before. The future of travel is sustainable. Georgia attracts more than 152 million domestic and international … Read more

New Book Explains Why We Need Sharks And How Their Future Looks

New Book Explains Why We Need Sharks And How Their Future Looks

“The greatest hazards to nature and biodiversity are driven by human choices and actions,” said scientist Holly Booth. David Shiffman’s new book, ‘Why Sharks Matter.’ “The greatest hazards to nature and biodiversity are driven by human choices and actions,” the scientist said … [+] Holly Booth was quoted saying in Dr. David Shiffman’s new book, … Read more

Oregon faces uncertain future of LGBTQ + protections

Dozens of states introduced anti-transgender and LGBTQ policies in the last two years. Now advocates are tracking efforts to do the same in Oregon. OREGON, USA – As dozens of states around the country introduce and enact anti-LGBTQ + legislation, advocacy groups in Oregon are becoming more vocal to maintain protections. On a rainy Friday … Read more

Cook County Board members vote themselves 10% raises, with automatic future pay bumps – Chicago Tribune

After multiple false starts, Cook County’s 17 commissioners, board president and other elected officials will get significant – and indefinite – salary bumps under a proposal that gained final approval by the county board Tuesday. Commissioners voted 13-4 Tuesday to increase compensation for its elected officials by 10%, starting with the new term beginning this … Read more

Patients with very narrowed neck arteries have low risk of future stroke, study shows

The risk of having a future stroke caused by a severe blockage in an artery in the neck that is not currently causing any symptoms is so low that most patients with this condition -; asymptomatic carotid stenosis -; could potentially be treated with the newest medications and may not require surgery, new Kaiser Permanente … Read more

Future of Autonomous Vehicles Market –

LONDON, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Future of Autonomous Vehicles bundle is a compendium of GlobalData’s autonomous automotive vehicle research. The reports in focus cover automotive connected vehicle technologies, automotive sensors, automotive autonomous vehicles, connected cars, and artificial intelligence (AI) in automotive. Future of Autonomous Vehicles Market Automated Connected Vehicle Technologies – Connected … Read more

SURVEY: The future of work is already here

62% Gen Z, 51% Millennials would consider leaving jobs based on employer’s return-to-office plans COLUMBUSOhio , May 24, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The Great Resignation is showing signs of slowing, but there is a significant disconnect between management and employees on what it takes to retain workers in the post-COVID work environment. A new … Read more

The future of New York’s legal weed industry turned out in droves in Albany

More than 200 people attended the NY Cannabis Insider’s first in-person live event in Albany last Friday, where a diverse lineup of speakers discussed timely marijuana industry topics such as conditional licensing, New York’s medical cannabis program and the legacy market. In addition to watching the panel discussions, many at the event took advantage of … Read more

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