Built In Launches Learning Lab to Help Companies Fill the Tech Skills Gap

“As companies grapple with the escalating talent shortage in tech, their struggles to meet aggressive hiring goals can not be understated,” said Built In’s Co-Founder and VP of Growth Adam Calica. “We’re truly proud to offer Learning Lab as part of the solution. With opportunities to learn in-demand skills, geared toward both seasoned professionals and those just starting their careers, Learning Lab is building a broader pool of talent with the precise skills companies need to grow and innovate at scale. “

From the perspective of tech professionals, Learning Lab is a direct response to their needs as well. In a recent survey sent to Built In’s most active users, 87 percent of respondents expressed interest in online courses, and 59 percent said they feel learning is tied to career growth. Learning Lab delivers on both fronts.

Today’s announcement marks the initial phase of Learning Lab. As the product expands, so will the topics of study, including courses in non-technical skills.

Because new technologies emerge so quickly, it can be challenging for professionals to determine which courses or certifications will be most impactful to their careers. In the same Built In survey, 57 percent of respondents said that, when considering professional development opportunities, they struggled to determine which courses or certifications would have the most positive impact on their careers.

In response, Learning Lab will deliver guidance on the appropriate coursework to meet specific professional goals in its future iterations. That will empower professionals to create customized learning journeys. For instance, those seeking to make a career change or win a promotion will use Learning Lab’s guidance to select a series of robust courses or learning modules to earn necessary certifications to meet their goals.

Built In is creating the largest platform for technology professionals globally. Monthly, millions of the industry’s most in-demand professionals visit the site from across the world. They rely on our platform to stay ahead of tech trends and news, learn skills to accelerate their careers and find opportunities at companies whose values ​​they share. Built In also serves 1,800 customers, innovative companies ranging from startups to those in the Fortune 100. By putting their stories in front of our uniquely engaged audience, we help them hire otherwise hard-to-reach tech professionals, locally, nationally or remotely. www.builtin.com

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