Broomfield council member replaces Matt Gray on primary ballot | Governor

Democrats picked a Broomfield council member to replace Rep. Matt Gray on the primary ballot.

The vacancy committee in House District 33 elected council member William Lindstedt to replace Gray on the ballot, according to Megan Burns, the communications director for the Colorado Democratic Party.

“Thank you to Rep. Gray for his service and thank you to everyone who helped with the vacancy committee,” Burns said in a statement.

Lindstedt, a former staffer in the Colorado General Assembly, was elected to Broomfield’s council in 2019.

Gray, who is from Broomfield, dropped his reelection bid days after he was arrested on April 21 on suspicion of driving under the influence at the Broomfield elementary school that his 6- and 8-year-old children attend. On the day after his arrest, Gray said in a tweet that he was later deleted that he had not been intoxicated but that his “symptoms of anxiety and depression are such that too many people are worried when they’re around me.” He added: “I’m going to increase my level of therapy and appreciate all the support.”

Gray participated remotely in House business in the last few days. He was one of five Democrats who voted on Monday against a measure that seeks to confront Colorado’s fentanyl crisis.

Gray, a former prosecutor, was running unopposed for a fourth term in the June 28 primary. Republican Stacie Dougherty is the only GOP candidate for the seat.

According to an analysis conducted by the state’s independent redistricting commission, the district’s electorate has favored Democrats by an average 13.6 percent points in benchmark, statewide races over the pasts three general elections.


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