Apocalyptic Ape NFTs Raise Over $ 1.5 Million In 3 Hours With Female-Led Queen Ape Project

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 29, 2022 / The Queen Apes female-led NFT collection raised over $ 1.5M, with its public mint sale selling out in under three hours on April 28th, 2022.

Apocalyptic Apesthe NFT collection by Bored Ape Yacht Club member Bill Starkov (@ Fity.eth) launched their female-led collection of 8,888 uniquely illustrated pieces of post-apocalyptic Queen Apes, which grant their owners access to exclusive benefits. The Queens are the second Apocalyptic Apes collection, following the success of the Apocalyptic Ape Genesis collection minted in October 2021 that sold out in two months. The Apocalyptic Apes have a current trading volume of 7.7k Ethereum (over $ 22.5M).

Kayley Media, LLC, Friday, April 29, 2022, Press release picture

Kayley Media, LLC, Friday, April 29, 2022, Press release picture

Kayley Media, LLC, Friday, April 29, 2022, Press release picture

“NFTs are changing the way communities are formed, sustained and operated,” said Apocalyptic Apes founder, Bill Starkov. “You have to prove yourself in this space and that’s where our success comes from. We have an amazing team and Apocalyptic Apes are so proud to partner with incredible women in the web3 space to bring this project to life and bring women to the forefront of web3. “

The female-led Queens team is spearheaded by Katherine Boiciuc, Jillian Valentin and Lisa Jo, with the mission to create social impact through art, music, staking and tokenomics.

“What I’ve learned the last two years is that women and BIPOC artists and founders have to fight for visibility and support,” said Queen Apes director Katherine Boiciuc. “I partnered with Fity in establishing the AAPE Queens because we saw that we could do something together that helped more women find a career in web3. I’m so proud of Jillian and LisaJo who have been incredible on the Queens team. We have only just begun with reveal, music, breeding and tokenomics still to come. “

The Queen Apes were revealed on April 29th, 2022 and have a projected healthy trading volume similar to the Ape Genesis collection which hit 1.8 ETH ($ 5,000) per NFT within its first week.

In support of other woman-led projects, Apocalyptic Apes have donated $ 25,000 to Fame Lady Squad – a female generative project on the blockchain that provides opportunities, education and support with a focus on the inclusion of women of all backgrounds in the Web3 space.

In support of NFT music artists, Apocalyptic Apes purchased 100 music NFTs by independent country artist Sammy Arriaga to include in the Queen Apes collection. These 1/1 music NFTs were gifted to minters of the Queens which include revenue share with the artist and an exclusive event giveaway with Sammy for one holder.

To learn more about Apocalyptic Apes and Queen Apes, please visit the official website here. Image assets can be found here.


Apocalyptic Apes is an NFT art collection that first launched 8,888 post-apocalypse genesis ape NFT artworks in October 2021 and sold out in two months. The post-apocalypse ape artwork is created by artist Haddy, with the apes representing a dingy apocalyptic era caused by human waste and contamination. Founder Bill Starkov and the team behind Apocalyptic Apes contribute and partner with global impact companies to replace plastics with hemp and other biodegradable material, they support female-led projects in the web3 space, as well as NFT music artists. Apocalyptic Ape NFTs have a trading volume of 7.7k in Ethereum (over $ 22.5M), with their second female-led Queen Ape collection raising over $ 1.5M and selling out in under three hours.


Bill Starkov (aka fity.eth) is an NFT expert and the founder of the NFT collection, Apocalyptic Apes. The first Apocalyptic Apes genesis NFT collection launched October 2021 and sold out within two months, with the second Queen Apes collection raising $ 1.5M and selling out in three hours on April 28th, 2022. Starkov is passionate about utilizing NFT’s to support women, artists, creators and the environment. Raised in Los Angeles, Starkov has provided casting services for hundreds of different media outlets and worked with top international brands. He invests in and builds high end residential and commercial real estate and has taken his community-building skills to create a tight-knit and highly engaged community of Apocalyptic Apes.

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