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The left wants abortion legal and the right is against abortion. It was leaked that The Supreme Court may announce they will leave that issue up to each state. Some states have already banned abortion, some will allow abortion and once again we are a divided nation.

The left says “my body, my choice” and they are pro-choice. The right says that abortion is against God’s will, they are pro-life and think abortion should be illegal.

In a way, they are both right. However like everything else, the issue will be taken to the extreme. If you don’t think that will happen you are wrong. Just look at the public bathroom and sports gender issues. The Supreme Court will eventually be challenged with making decisions as guided by the Constitution.

The Supreme Court will most likely kick that issue to the individual states as well, because the Constitution does not cover stuff like that. Our founding fathers probably never imagined that gender equality or inequality in bathrooms and sports would become an issue. This shows in some cases the Constitution is outdated and needs to be revisited – you know, like the New Testament?

So should abortion be legal?

Over the past two plus years, we all relied on science to help us get through the pandemic. However, since the pandemic was so new there was very little data on which to rely. As a result, the general public received mixed messages causing the left to mask-up and the right to think it’s a flu. In any event, all Americans listened to the data and the science.

When it comes to abortion, if you remove your religious beliefs and let medical science dictate the answer, then by all means in some cases you would agree that abortion should be legal.

The left says there is no room for negotiation. A woman should have the right to do with her body what she chooses. The right says, once that woman is pregnant, there is another body that can’t make decisions so therefore that woman should not have the ability to abort. And besides, it’s against God’s will. I guess that means the right thinks the left are atheists.

If we were to take politics and religion out of the equation, which is virtually impossible, there are other compelling points. After all, since the right follows the Bible and you shall not kill, but agree with capital punishment. And the left, including Sleepy Joe, think the Supreme Court leak was done by those crazy MAGA hoodlums. What else are those MAGA maniacs going to come after? Border control, inflation, slow response to Russia’s invasion and so on.

When a woman is raped, that woman should be able to choose. When a woman is medically compromised because of birth complications and it’s either her life or the baby’s life, that woman should have a choice.

If medical professionals determine that while the birth may be normal, the child will have severe birth defects and will never enjoy any real quality of life, that woman should be able to make a choice. That’s what the right and left should be discussing.

On the other hand, since we are a nation of extremes, and you remove medical science, politics and religion, the fear is that abortion will be used as a birth control, or just because “I can,” and that’s the issue.

Besides getting married, having a baby is the scariest thing a couple will experience. But animals and humans alike have been procreating for years and I don’t see that slowing down. It takes two to get pregnant and once that happens, there are choices.

The morning after pill, which should be taken soon after “the event” is an option. You may say the pill is a form of abortion and that life starts at conception. There are no laws about the morning after pill and that’s a couple’s choice that is made immediately.

Having the unplanned child happens a lot. But an abortion after development because of two consenting adults made a mistake should not be an option and that’s what the right is trying to avoid.

If you properly prepare for intimate relations with condoms, IUD, the pill, or what other relatively effective method, the chances of a woman getting pregnant are lowered, therefore the consideration of non-existent abortion. And if you’re like me and get “fixed” the only accident you may experience is some spilled mike.

Since we are humans and we cannot control our urges, we will make mistakes, therefore we will continue to have issues. If The Supreme Court would think with logic and science and make a ruling for the land that incorporates all facets of conception, there may be a fair and equitable solution that is in the guidelines of The Constitution. Leaving it up to the states will divide this country further.

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