Test beds, workforce critical to US technology leadership

Test beds, workforce critical to US technology leadership

The US’s leading position in critical technologies can be bolstered through investments in technology test beds, workforce education and R&D, according to technology experts. President Joe Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 into law earlier this year in a bid to increase US investment in emerging technologies and compete with countries like … Read more

Hiring Data Recycling Security Engineers Smart?

Why is the blockchain transaction framework becoming the future of cybersecurity? Because Blockchain is the most secure framework in the world! Being secure is everything! Once we have done away with paper currency and moved 100% to digital, blockchain will protect our transactions with its global ledger design. Our money will remain safe inside our … Read more

Research Roundup for September 2022

By Dr. Chris Mansell Shown below are summaries of a few interesting research papers in quantum computing and communications that have been published over the past month. Hardware Title: Sub-recoil clock-transition laser cooling enabling shallow optical lattice clocks Organizations: National Institute of Standards and Technology; University of ColoradoEver since the middle of the 20th century, … Read more

Biology Inspires a New Kind of Water-Based Circuit That Could Transform Computing : ScienceAlert

The future of neural network computing could be a little soggier than we were expecting. A team of physicists has successfully developed an ionic circuit – a processor based on the movements of charged atoms and molecules in an aqueous solution, rather than electrons in a solid semiconductor. Since this is closer to the way … Read more

High Performance Data Analytics Gains Momentum Across Diverse Enterprise Computing Environments

The benefits of analyzing vast amounts of data, long-term or in real-time, have captured the attention of businesses of all sizes. Big data analytics has moved beyond the rarified domain of government and university research environments equipped with supercomputers to include businesses of all kinds that are using modern high performance computing (HPC) solutions to … Read more

StartlingX 7.0, The Open-Source Edge Computing and IoT Cloud Platform

StarlingX 7.0: Latest Update Offers New Features and Improvements – Edge Computing and Cloud Platform The most recent version of the free and open-source IoT cloud platform StarlingX was made available. The primary goals of StarlingX 7.0 are to increase scalability, security, stability, and flexibility. Ceph, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and the other components are combined in … Read more

How to Choose the Best Cloud Computing Software for Your Small Business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur Contributors are their own. SaaS, IaaS and PaaS are popular cloud computing software we use to create, build and store information over the cloud. This software helps us build, host and manage all business activities on the internet. There is hardly a single day we don’t interact with at least one … Read more

The Multiplier Effort of Edge Computing

Companies capture more data and compute capacity at the edge. At the same time, they are laying the groundwork for a distributed enterprise that can capitalize on a multiplier effect to maximize intended business outcomes. The number of edge sites — factory floors, retail shops, hospitals, and countless other locations — is growing. This gives … Read more

How to Effectively Use the Computing Power of GPU? Let’s

Warsaw, Poland, Sept. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Over the past few years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for computational power. It was a time when the world was transitioning from conventional economic systems to a digitized and more revolutionized economy. Today, computing power is used for deep learning, video rendering, data analytics, fraud … Read more

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